Our aspiration and our standard

Our Mission


e|motion group is a leading company in sports marketing, especially in the areas of events and executive consulting.

Due to our pronounced expertise and our global network we are increasing our activities in the field of executive consulting, especially in the areas of sports marketing and sponsoring. Our goal is to become the number one address for companies in this field.


As leader in quality in the fields of tennis and golf we are steadily expanding our position as trend-setter in sports marketing.

As one of the leading event organizers in Europa and by progressively increasing the innovative development of our events we increase our competitive ability and, thus, also of our partners and customers – nationally and internationally. Thereby, we create additional economic value.

e|motion group is in a multitude of ways synonymous for competence in the area of sports experiences. We always put excitement, atmosphere and emotions to the fore. We excite people through quality and innovations on the highest possible level.

Company brand e|motion group

These are our values

We permanently strive to develop our skills accordingly. Our demand for high quality standards surpass the usual standards by far and thus, standstill for us means regression.

We distinguish ourselves by our dynamic. Attitude, presence and identification with the aspired goals are formative for our collaboration with you and our teamwork.

As trend-setters in sports marketing we are enthusiastic and love to excite our partners and customers. We make daily decisions which have positive consequences for our events. Our ultimate goal is to put a smile in the faces of the guests of our events.


We passionately work so that our partners and customers receive the best possible value-for-money. Always, everywhere, anytime. We achieve this by following our inner believes and principles and draw on integrity as benchmark for our work. Each one of us enjoys to contribute to the overall success of a project.

We know our skills. Self-confident but never arrogant or complacent. We closely and trustfully work together with our business partners to reach a maximum of success. Each member of e|motion group takes responsibility and endeavors to deliver convincing results. Our staff members belong among the best of their profession. No matter where e|motion group is active: our specialists know the local language and the regional requirements and conditions.